Training & Development

As a new professional foster carer with us you will have already undertaken some basic training in the form of ‘Skills to Foster’ which is a preparation course.

It is important that carers continue to develop their skills in order to meet the needs of the children and young people for which they and their family will care. There is an equal importance to meet the requirements of the Training and Development Standards (TDS).

As an organisation we have a responsibility and will provide training courses and assist carers to attend these, by ensuring training is held at times convenient to child care which at times we may be able to facilitate.

We also commission online training from The Social Care Training Hub who provide a range of courses all aimed at ensuring our Professional Foster Carers have the necessary range of knowledge, skills and experience to undertake the role.

Training can take many forms. It is for all carers across the region and organised or delivered by us. An annual training programme for foster carers is provided each year.

We have a ‘library’ of books, DVDs and articles which carers can borrow, to increase their knowledge on specific issues.

We are delighted to announce that we have Foster Carers approved by us who are accredited Independent Trainers in their own right who provide training via the Social Care Training Hub

If your one of our Foster Carers you can log in here to our Online Training

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