We are aware that within the North West region there are over 400 referrals of children and young people referred each month.

We believe that the key to reaching stable and positive outcomes for children and young people is the carefully considered matching of children with carers.

The following placements are offered to referring authorities by our foster carers:



These placements are made at very short notice, often because a referring authority have concerns about the care and safety of the child or young person.

Short Breaks

These are placements offered for children and young people who are not in the care of the Local Authority but who, due to a disability, require short breaks with foster carers to support them and their families.

Parent and child

These are offered with carers who have experience and an interest in supporting and assessing young parents to develop their parenting skills so that they can care for their own children independently in the future.

Short term

These placements are for children and young people who may not have been in care before, and where assessments are being carried out on their families so that long term plans can be made. This may include a return home, long term fostering or adoption.

Unaccompanied asylum seeking children

These children are separated from their own families. They may have travelled from war torn countries and experienced significant loss. They may have limited English. Carers need to offer these children and young people a safe and supportive home during what can be a very frightening time.

Long term

These placements are generally for children and young people where it has been agreed that it would be in their best interests to remain in foster care until they reach 18 years of age.


All Therapeutic Fostering carers are entitled to two weeks paid holiday each year. Therapeutic carers receive three weeks. Children and young people are placed with respite carers in a planned way. Respite carers are therefore seen as an extension to the main carer’s family.

TIER 2 / 3

Therapeutic Fostering Service

Therapeutic Fostering also provides a specialist therapeutic fostering service for children and young people with more complex needs. Foster carers approved to undertake therapeutic fostering are very experienced carers and will be provided with a higher level of support from our Therapeutic Social Workers supported by our Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

Due to the complex nature of Tier 2 / 3 placements, foster carers receive higher levels of fees and allowances to reflect the more complex work required to support these children and young people.

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