There is no such thing as a typical foster carer

Like the children and young people that they look after, foster carers are diverse and come from different ethnic backgrounds and communities from across society.

However, all foster carers have one thing in common – they care about children and young people and want to support them through the difficult and traumatic experiences they have encountered in their lives.

Anyone can apply to foster

• Whatever their marital status

• Whatever their sexual orientation

• Whatever their religious, cultural or ethnic background

• If they have a disability or medical condition - provided it is monitored and does not impact on their ability to care for a child or young person

• If they have children of their own - provided their children are happy to accept a foster child or young person into their home.

• If they work – there are different types of foster care that enable foster carers to work and provide care to children and young people.

• If they are retired - provided that they are fit and well to support children and young people for a reasonable period into the future.

• If their own childhood was difficult - provided that they have been able to work through these difficulties and use their own experience in a positive way to support children and young people.

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