About Us

We are a small independent fostering agency based in the North West of England, with a whole family approach, providing foster placements to children and young people across the North West. As a privately owned group, which is not part of a large national fostering agency, our focus is on the children and young people we support; we are not fixated on generating huge profits.

We take pride in ensuring that all our foster carers, children and young people receive the highest levels of support. This ensures that our carers feel welcome as part of the Therapeutic Fostering family and, as a result, healthy foster families are able to form and thrive. We are here to offer help, guidance and support at every stage of the fostering process, and following approval.

At Therapeutic Fostering, the interests of children and young people are at the heart of everything we do. By working closely with them, we aim to give children and young people access to stable foster carers with whom they can form strong, meaningful relationships which can ground them and prepare them for adult life.

Our fostering team is staffed by the registered fostering manager, support workers and highly experienced social workers - known as supervising social workers.

At Therapeutic Fostering, we wish to ensure that our foster carers are involved in all aspects of the development and improvement of the service. As such, we welcome all foster carers who would like to support us in any way.

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