What Our Carers Say…

“We have friendly, professional meetings with all the fostering staff. We feel fully supported and valued with regular feedback on our performance.” (Foster Carer)

“We are fully supported by Garry (fostering manager) who phones us with referrals. Garry knows in advance whether we are a match and never puts pressure on us if we do not feel we can accept a child. Our Supervising Social Worker supports us both physically and emotionally once we have a child in place. Lee quickly gets to know the child and supports transport when this is deemed to be excessive for essential journeys. Helen (Administrator) prepares and sends all paperwork in advance of a placement and updates regularly to keep us informed. Helen arranges training and keeps us up to date with new dates, sending gentle reminders to ensure full attendance. Helen appears to work out of hours as she always replies to emails quickly” (Foster Carer).

“We are all working great as a team and communication is great. There is always someone at the end of the phone for us and we have always felt supported” (Foster Carer).

“We feel Therapeutic Fostering staff know us well and have always made us feel a part of the team”(Foster Carer)

“Excellent. The Fostering Team are part of our extended family. They are fantastic support and sounding boards. Their approach is both friendly and extremely professional. We feel safe and secure to speak openly and sort advice when needed”. (Foster Carer)

“The training at Therapeutic Fostering has been very insightful and more and more tailored for the specific needs of foster carers. I feel like my brain is being used.” (Foster Carer)

“We would just like to take this opportunity to thank (Social Worker) for all his help and support over the years. He is an extremely knowledgeable and able social worker as well as a warm human being. XX really respects you and I have enjoyed you intellect and realism. I hope we stay in touch, even if it's so I continue to develop his musical appreciation!” (Foster Carer)

“I wouldn't want to work for anybody else. Garry's ethos towards the children and carers is why we moved and continue to stay”. (Foster Carer)

“Great, special thanks to Helen for helping me keep organised during the hectic months of moving. Nothing is ever too much trouble, I don't know how she manages to do so much in the time she has” (Foster Carer)

“It has been great to discuss and learn from some obviously well-educated and researched professionals. I feel that our inputs are welcomed and valued” (Foster Carer)

“I think that XX is quite settled and the support has been excellent as I could not have continued without the support given by the Fostering Team in regards to XXX behaviour and health. In particular her health needs as she has had 3 operations within the year.” (Foster Carer)

“I have gained an awful lot of knowledge in dealing with behaviour that keep changing and dealing with the health professionals. It has been a huge challenge, particularly when different professionals have different views” (Foster Carer)

“fantastic, feels like a team, and a family, have felt very welcome” (Foster Carer)

“On Call is very helpful when needed to deal with any problems that can occur.” (Foster Carer)

“Excellent with the Fostering Team – all of whom have been supportive when required” (Foster Carer)

“Excellent. We are able to contact any staff at any time. We have a good relationship with Social Worker and she is always available if we are struggling with j and m’s behaviour. We have been speaking with Rebecca who has given us positive strategies to work with the children”. (Foster Carer)

“We have a good relationship with Social Worker. She is available any time for us to contact.” (Foster Carer)

“We have a good relationship with Garry” (Foster Carer)

“We are constantly in contact with Helen and she keeps us updated with training and support groups. She will let us know when we are behind with paperwork!!” (Foster Carer)

“We are having telephone contact with Social Worker. She is helping us with strategies for XX and XX’s behaviour.” (Foster Carer)

“Carers have been proactive in seeking support to address XX’s needs. XX has settled really well in placement and has a positive relationship with his carers. (LA Social Worker)

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