Feedback from our recent OFSTED inspection.

"Children and young people thrive in their foster placements and are making good progress because they feel safe and secure. They establish meaningful and lasting relationships with their carers and report that they like living with their foster families."

Examples of comments made by children and young people include:‘I’m over the moon living here. I know that [name of carer] really cares for me.’

‘I really like it here and I am doing really well.’

‘This is a good family, they are really nice and we do lots of nice things together.’

‘I’d give it 10 out of 10.’

‘Living here has made a real difference to me.’

‘I am well cared for, I’m part of the family and I am happy.’

On management, OFSTED found that:

"The manager demonstrates real care and ambition, and is passionate about children and young people achieving and doing well. His enthusiasm and commitment have helped to inspire and shape the overall ethos of the service."

Our foster carers were very positive about their relationship with CCATS Fostering:

"Without exception, foster carers spoken with during this inspection were positive about the support they receive from the agency. They confirmed that the agency values them as professionals and that the agency views them as ‘part of the team’. Many positive comments were received during the inspection. Examples of these include:

‘It’s not about going the extra mile, this agency goes an extra 10 miles for children.’

‘Support is excellent; someone is always at the end of a phone.’

‘We are part of a fostering family here, with the children at the centre of everything.’

‘I can honestly say that if it was not for the support we have received, I don’t think I would have managed to stay fostering for so long.’

On training provision, OFSTED commented:

"Training is described by foster carers as ‘excellent’ and ‘informative’. Carers confirmed that their views about training and development opportunities are constantly sought. One said: ‘We are consulted about our views and we have been actively involved in shaping the training programme to ensure our skills are enhanced. Training is delivered at the right level and enables us to meet the specific needs of the children.’ It is evident that the agency has recognised that therapeutic training is essential in order to support children and young people."

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